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We have 50 holiday(s) in Nepal

Sirubari Village Tour [ATT-WTSV-VT-01]

10 Days - from $760.00

At Annapurna Travels, we have always backed village tourism to the hilt. This has been our policy for decades. We have always felt that village tourism offers a unique opportunity for visitors to get involved

Mt. Kailash Tour [ATT-MK-ST-01]

24 Days Contact Us for Price

Walk into the mountains, a day at a time…& make your peace with the gods amidst heavenly nature, so purely divine… ​ "An exotic, cultural and picturesque adventure through Nepal’s most remote but beautiful regions, as you

Nepal’s Heritage Pride [ATT-NHP-04]

Heritage Tour, 11 Days - from $835.00

Touring Nepal's glory! Nepal possesses altogether ten World Heritage Sites within the country, out of which 8 cultural sites; seven of them deify the Kathmandu Valley. This tour program is especially intended to introduce all the

Kathmandu & Lovely Serene Nagarkot [ATT-KLSN-05]

Sightseeing Tour, 5 Days - from $235.00

The Kathmandu Valley is an exceptional city, & has an oriental setup with many centuries of history that can still be seen today. It is completely surrounded by a level of Mountains gleaming in the

An Exotic Combo Tour [ATT-ECT-04]

An Exotic Combo Tour, 11 Days - from $710.00

Annapurna Travels & Tours has meticulously planned some great combo tours that offer you a diverse range of activities which Nepal is so well known for worldwide. Your tour begins with panoramic dream Himalayan Flight


The enthralling romance of Nepal comes from its very remote geographical locations. Pertly


India’s vibrant contemporary wave-lengths with a mix of ancient cultural heritage create a


Tibet is one of the world’s more extraordinary destinations, for there is adventure


It is much said that Bhutan is comparable to Switzerland in both size