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Mystery Redefined…the land of snows & spiritual faith

Tibet is one of the world’s more extraordinary destinations, for there is adventure indeed lurking around almost every corner of this mysterious country. We present here short extension itineraries that start with the world’s most scenic flight over the mighty Himalaya from Kathmandu to Lhasa.
Adventure on the road is never short in this arid, but beautiful country. On the Trans-Himalayan drive of 970 kilometers and four mountain passes, promising a panorama of culture and scenic diversity unsurpassable anywhere. All this culminates on the awesome palaces of Norbulingka (the summer palace of the Dalai Lama) or the Potala Palace (the traditional seat of the Dalai Lama) which envelop us on sight for the first time. Ancient Barkhor Bazaar still barters the bric-a-brac in this region that’s not so much a little strange as utterly bizarre.

For travellers, Tibet is the most sought after destination in Asia, especially for the curious who wish to see if it still possesses its original identity after its invasion by china. Tibet, for what it was & still identifies with; offers fabulous monastery sights, breathtaking high-altitude treks, majestic views of the world’s highest mountains and one of the most likeable peoples you will ever come across. There's Gyantse, in the Nyang-chu Valley, famed for the largest chörten (stupa) in Tibet, and great hiking in Yarlung Valley, well known for being the cradle of Tibetan civilization. Hang around in Tsetang and wonder at the monkey cave in Gangpo Ri or walk the monastery kora (pilgrim‘s route). Your trip will take you past gleaming mountain turquoise lakes and over high passes draped with prayer flags. Seek out a quiet spot in a prayer hall full of chanting monks, hike past the ruins of remote hermitages or plan a classic overland trip along some of the world’s wildest roads. The scope for raw adventure could surpass all your expectations.

Pertinently titled as “the roof of the world”, Tibet, the highest region on earth beckons you to explore its majestic mountain peaks, amazing canyons, and fascinating high altitude lakes, vast expanses of arid plains and the traditionally and religiously steeped people of Tibet who are truly warm, friendly & amiable.

The average elevation of Tibet is 4,900m. Located to the western part of proper China, Tibet is home to the indigenous Tibetan and to some of the ethnic groups like the Monpas and Lhobas. One of the key highlights of the Tibet tour is the alluring culture, tradition and religion of which the Tibetan people have been able to guard with such care and devotion down the ages. This country is the epitome of adventure, mystery & intrigue for which it will continue to attract visitors from all walks of life from all over the planet. Visit Tibet with Annapurna Travels & Tours…& for anyone who has a good eye that’s sharp enough, a visit to Tibet will not only be fascinating note book entries, but also a sobering experience. It’s one of those places that’s likely to change your perception of the world; and that will remain with you for a long, long time to come. Perhaps, this is what the best kind of traveling is all about…

Tibet Stats:

Location: Asia
Area: 471,700sq. Of Miles Border 2.5 million sq. km, approx’. The size of Western Europe
Terrain: 70% Grassland, from high plateau to tropical forest.
Climate: Average temperature 28 degrees Celsius (Summer) - 15degrees Celsius (in which), extremely dry except during raining season (July- August)
Population: 2.62 million
Ethnic groups: Ethnic Tibetans, Menba, Lhoba, Mongols, Hui and a growing number of Han Chinese.
Religions: (2006 approx.) 2,279,723
Culture: Wedding, dances & symbolic funerals
Languages: Tibetan, Chinese
Festivals: Tibetan New Year, Shoton festival, Bathing Festival
Currency: Chinese Yuan Renbi (CNY)
Time: Local Time = UTC + 8h6

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