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Spiritual Odysseys

…When you love something, set it free, if it comes back to you…it’s yours forever…if it doesn’t then it wasn’t meant to be…

The highest Himalayan range of Nepal includes the Everest, & this reveals the spiritual summit of the nation's essence in its quest for God. For thousands of years Saints, Sages, and Holy men found solace on the mountains, in caves and some in ashrams for their spiritual journeys and the attainment of peace in the soul. At times mortal souls like Siddhartha- the Buddha, have taken birth here to uplift the existing level of consciousness and to channel a new direction to a faithful following.

Our spiritual tours bring you upfront with the holy Hindu men ‘sadhus’ in Pashupatinath temple and the monks of Boudhnath. You get an insight into their life of renunciation and salvation. Your spiritual journey can include a visit to a renowned astrologer.

Join our guide through the spiritual journey as they provide an insight into the Hindu religion, the cycle of birth and death and the story behind the Sadhus - Hindu Holy Men, who renounce their hedonistic social life to devote their life to Shiva (Hindu mythological God of Destruction) to whom the temple is dedicated. Witness one of the many cremations along the banks of Bagmati River and on the sanctimonious grounds of the temple. This temple area is a cremation ground for the poor common Nepali walking down the streets of the country & also for the kings of Nepal. Interact with soot-smeared, saffron-clad, dreadlocked Sadhus…& listen to their interesting exploits; your guide will translate for you.

Visit the Spiritually high monkey temple called swayambhunath, this is assumed to be the largest Buddhist Stupa in Nepal (possibly, in the world). Follow the pilgrims circumventing the Stupa spinning the prayer wheels. Watch the local folks offer prayers to Lord Buddha & take part in lighting a traditional butter lamp at the main entry way to the Stupa. Strike up a chat with one of the resident monks and learn more about Buddhist philosophy. Those seeking Nirvana have taken to strict and severe austerities and difficult streams for the goal to attain lasting peace and joy, which one achieves through meditation, yoga and a spiritual journey of reckoning…also visit some of the oldest Christian churches in Nepal that speak of a special religious freedom as the Nepalese people begin to seek a unique peace & happiness never experienced before…

We are offering the same old precious jewels in a brand new case that jells with  present needs but preserves ancient richness…visit some of the temples located on the lofty mountains of Nepal & witness rituals that go back a thousand years, feel the mystery of religions as old as the sun as you see the power & love of God in an environment that’s spiritually natural with beauty that stops your breath…as you move on to make your peace with God amid some of the most stunning scenery ever beheld in the ancient land of Nepal….your spiritual inclinations come to the fore with Annapurna Travels & Tours where we take you to holy havens that most aren’t aware off as you seek to discover a divine world that’s quiet & mysterious…a world that may change your life for the better…


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