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Nepal is such a creation that it has become a country with so much to offer in the way of adventure and travel that thrills. People coming to Nepal can be overwhelmed with the many choices of things to do and see. If you are unable to find the perfect tour for you on our website, or if our group tours don’t leave on a convenient date, then you can let us help you. We have over a decade of experience in organizing programs that give you itineraries that match your time, energy & budget. We can adjust and design tours to suit your specific dates and needs. We will even help organize your flights, hotels and insurance. Our tailor-made tours are specifically designed for you to have more space in your holidays where you can get the most for the least possible time you have. If you have limited time and want to fit a lot of activities into each day, we can trim it all down for you and bundle it up into the ultimate adventure package, without the frills; giving you a gratifying vacation that makes you feel it was worth the money you spent.

We can customize your trekking trip in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, give you Jungle Safaris combined with Rafting/Kayaking, & mix your Package Tours with Sightseeing/ & outdoor excursions; & we can design your Pilgrimage tours with high country treks that are ever so fulfilling to suit your thrills. If you are ambitious & would like to do Mountaineering, we plan the details for your expeditions & mix it with a wonderful yoga massage & spiritual meditation after you’ve come down to earth. We can also blend your ventures with Extreme Sports & wonderful mountain flights of fantasy & there are so much of other programs to give you the holiday thrills of a lifetime…and so much more…Annapurna Travels & Tours goes the extra mile to ensure that your holidays are designed meticulously to suit your conveniences, & taste with a whole galore of options to make choices according to your age, budget, temperaments…& most of all your overall Happiness…

Should you need any information for any kind of program, get friendly with us at:,, we’d be glad to help you…


The enthralling romance of Nepal comes from its very remote geographical locations. Pertly


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