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Jungle Safaris In Nepal

Extraordinary beauty and abundant wildlife…


The  Chitwan National Park:

With lush green forests and exotic fauna which include the rare one horned rhino, the Royal Bengal tiger, crocodiles, elephants, deer and over four-hundred species of birds, the Chitwan National Park has on display one of the finest wildlife scenarios in Asia. Geographically located in the Terai belt, encompassed by the Churia Hills and adjacent to the Rapti, Reu and Narayani rivers, the park covers an area of 932 sq. km. It was established in 1973 and is the oldest National Park in Nepal. The park became a World Heritage Site in 1984.

During the late 19th century, Chitwan was used as a private hunting reserve of the Rana Prime Ministers. As early as 1911, King George V led a hunting party to Chitwan that culminated in the killing of thirty-seven tigers and eight rhinos. Between 1933 and 1940, the King and his guests were said to have killed four hundred and thirty-three tigers and fifty-three rhinos. For which if the late king had done that today, pet lovers would have probably surrounded his palace with protests. By the late 1960s the population of rhinos and tigers in Chitwan had decreased even further due to arbitrary hunting and poaching. The declaration of Chitwan as a national park in1973 and the obligation of strict measures against poaching and unauthorized conversion of forest to farmland have given a lifeline to the wildlife population. We now see more wildlife in the park. Currently, Chitwan National Park is regarded as one of the most developed and most commonly visited national parks in Nepal.

Annapurna Travels escorts you to the teeming eastern parts of Nepal’s terai jungles like nobody else…Hear the wild roar of tigers, the sweet chirping of jungle birds, soothing breeze and the splashing ripples of the river Rapti... this is what a visit to the Chitwan National Park may sound like…a dream in reality; but at the CNP, reality speaks for itself. Visit Chitwan if you believe the above statement and all the more if you doubt it. The experience would sure go down as family memorabilia.

Your safari Program for CNP…a synopsis

With the comfortable stay in one of several Jungle Lodges and/or Tented Camps set in Nepal's famous National parks of Chitwan and Bardia, you can enjoy an elephant-back safari to observe the rare great one horned rhinoceros, elusive tigers, leopards, crocodiles, bears, many species of deer, monkeys and many other rare & exotic animals & birds.

Take nature walks to experience the close encounter with the armor-plated one-horned rhinoceros and follow tiger tracks through the thick sub-tropical jungles with trained local naturalists. Our tour also includes a jungle jeep drive through the park and boat ride down the rivers are also included. Birdwatchers will be awarded with many rare species that make up the 400 plus species recorded in the parks.

Guests will have Options for 1-2-3 or - 4 Nights in or outside the Park

Your typical JUNGLE SAFARI ITINERARY based on a 4 days safari will read like this:

 Day 01
- Arrival and welcome with refreshments
- Briefing by the Lodge manager about the park
- 1300...Lunch amidst the chirping of birds {welcoming you}
- 1530...Elephant ride/nature walk/a visit to observation tower
- 1830...Slide show
- 1900...Dinner

 Day 02
- 0530...Wake up call
- 0545...Tea/Coffee
- 0600...Elephant ride/bird watching to a different part of the park
- 0800...Breakfast {to the tunes of chirping birds}
- 0900...Canoe ride/elephant breeding center / swimming and bath
- 1300...Lunch
- 1500...Nature walk /Canoe ride
- 1830...slide show
- 1930…Dinner

Day 03
- 0530 ........A.M. Wake up call {at most times, it’s done by the birds themselves}
- 0545........ Tea/Coffee
- 0600........ Bird watching/elephant ride to a different area
- 0800........ Breakfast
- 0900........ Elephant briefing/swimming and bath/Canoe ride
- 1300....... Lunch
- 1530........ Jungle drive/elephant ride/Canoe ride
- 1830........ Slide show/a scintillating Tharu stick dance performed by the local belles
- 1900........ Dinner

Day 04
- Morning free for packing.
- 8:00 A.M. Breakfast
- 9:00........ Departure from the lodge

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