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People & Culture

Nepal is a country that has been a meeting point of Asia 's great migrations. The Aryans and the Mongolians are races that form the major population of modern Nepal . This description gives a view of the diverse cultural heritage of Nepal . Today the population of Nepal can be divided into various types of people with different backgrounds.

The Newars, Kiratis, Bahuns, Chhetris, Magars, Thakalis and so on. The list is long. The prominent religion in Nepal is Hinduism but there are also many other religions flourishing in Nepal and among them Buddhism is the foremost. There are also many languages spoken in Nepal . The Nepali language which is quite similar to Hindi owes its source to Sanskrit and is said to have been originated in the 9th century B.C. The other languages are Newari spoken widely by the Newars, Kitari idioms, Gurung language and so on. The people of Nepal are very religious. There are thousands of temples in Kathmandu Valley alone.

Many festivals are observed in Nepal . The Dasain being the most important among them all, other festivals like the Rato Macchendranath Rath Jatra, Naag Panchami, Teej, Holi, Tihar, Shivratri and Gokarna Aunsi are also celebrated.


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