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In Bhutan over 160 species of mammals have been recorded so far including Tiger, Snow Leopard, Takin Red Panda, Blue Sheep, Musk Deer, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Golden Langur. Other animals found in Bhutan are the Ganges River Dolphin , Golden Leaf Monkey , Particolored Flying Squirrel and the Wild Water Buffalo . Other endangered animals are also found in Bhutan like.

Asiatic Black Bear
Assamese Macaque
Clouded Leopard
Eurasian Otter
Mainland Serow
Sikkim Rat
Sloth Bear
Smooth-coated Otter

The fauna diversity is just as rich with as many as 620 species of birds recorded till date which includes the Black necked Crane, White bellied Heron, Rufous necked Hornbill and the Lammergeiers While most of Asia's bird habitats (forests) are being and have been decimated, Bhutan is a very special because of its lack of deforestation and the government's commitment to preserve wildlife. Few developing countries have the cultural and environmental interconnectedness that Bhutan has always promoted. 60 percent of Bhutan is now forested and, by law, will remain forested. Bhutan has the highest percentage of ecological preserves in the world; over 26 percent of Bhutan is designated for environmental conservation. While all of this makes economic sustainability tougher but a more needed policy, it provides the bird lover with the world's best viewing opportunity.

Birds in Bhutan can be found from the glacial alpine regions of the north to the sweltering tropics of the south. The geography and altitude is also the most diverse areas of bird habitats ever found in a single country. Endangered Black Necked Cranes winter in the temperate Phobjikha Valley highland marshes while the Rufous-Necked Hornbill hides out in the lush tropical rain forests of the south.


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