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Uttarkashi Trek

The splendor of the Garhwal hills is a symbol of magnificence and beauty in a perfect harmony, a fusion of high mountain dales and lakes, of many brooks, and some of the greatest and the longest rivers in India . Carmine rhododendron blossom forth and scarlet flame-of-the-forest blooms gleam in forests of thick green. Comprising the districts of Uttarkashi, Tehri-Garhwal, Pauri-Garhwal, Dehra Dun and Chamoli, the Garhwal hills are a veritable paradise for trekkers. Nature is in her element here and trekking trails are renowned for the great beauty of their views, stunningly different at almost every turn.

There is plenty of interest here for the amateur trekker too. For those interested in the fusion of art and culture with religion, the popular temple pilgrimages and hilltop temples will provide enough for a rewarding journey. Botanists can spend months studying the vast treasure-house of plants here. The birds of the Garhwal Himalayas, and their sheer profusion, will captivate bird-watchers. And for photographers, professional or amateur, the canvas of the mountain scenery will provide a perfect landscape. Nor is trekking in the Garhwal hills expensive, for one can stay at any of a number of rest houses, travelers lodges or dharamshalas at nominal rates.

Uttarkashi is among the most beautiful of the Garhwal districts. In the upper reaches of the district, the snow line ensures a tryst with snow-capped peaks. In the lower reaches, a carpet of forests, superb Himalayan views and all the joys of trekking through God's country. This is a district headquarter town, and trekkers can stay in a tourist bungalow.


Route one
Uttarkashi (1,158 m) - Gangotri (3,048 m, 100 km) - Bhojbasa (3,500 m, 14 km) - Gaumukh (3,969m, 4 km)-Tapovan (4,200 m, 6 km). This trek in the Bhagirathi valley is through picturesque countryside, and the area beyond Gangotri is truly grand, a trail that leads to the high Himalayas . The trek begins at Gangotri, a holy shrine popular with pilgrims; trekkers can stay here in a tourist bungalow, forest rest house, PWD inspection house or any of several dharamshalas. Bhojbasa has a tourist bungalow and an ashram, and commands superb views. Gaumukh is the source of the river Ganga , here known as Bhagirathi, while Tapovan has a convenient camping ground.

Route two
Uttarkashi (1,158 m ) - Bhatwari (2,000 m, 30 km) - Raithal (7,000 ft, 4 m) - Dayara (3,400 m, 12 m) - Dodital (3,307 m, 35 km)- Agoda (2,000 m, 16 km) - Kalyani (1,800 m, 6 km). The Dayara trek is yet another picturesque hike through high mountains and beautiful valleys. The trek begins at Bhatwari, a small market-place which has a PWD inspection house. The panoramically located Raithal village has a school building to stay in. Trekkers will have to camp at Dayara, and can enjoy stunning Himalayan views from here. Dodital has a beautiful lake, and is excellent for trout fishing Both Dodital and Agoda have forest rest houses to stay in. Kalyani has a fish hatchery, and from here one can catch a bus back to Uttarkashi. Camping is suggested on several points of the trek: the forest rest houses are under the charge of the Divisional Forest Officer, Uttarkashi.

Optional route
Dodital - Hanuman Chatti- Yamunotri. From Dodital, there is an exciting trek route to Hanuman Chatti in the Yamuna valley. As there is no accommodation between Dodital and Hanuman Chatti, trekkers are advised to carry their own alpine tents, or spend the night in a shepherd's shelter. Hanuman Chatti, however is an important halting point enroute to the pilgrimage at Yamunotri and has a tourist bungalow and a forest rest house. From Hanuman Chatti, Yamunotri is at a distance of 14 km.

Route three
Uttarkashi (1,158 m) - Malla (2,000 m, 25 km) - Belak (2,439m, 15 km) - Jhala(2,439 m, 9 km) - Budhakedar (1,524 m, 5 km)- Guttu (1,524 m, 30 km)- Panwali Kantha (3,000 m, 15 km) - Manguchatti (3, 049 m, 6 km)- Triyugi Narayan (1,982 m, 5 km) - Sonprayag (1,821 m, 3 km)- Gaurikund (1,981 m, 5 km)- Kedarnath (3,584 m, 15 km). The trek starts from Malla. The temple town of Budhakedar has a PWD inspection house , as does the market town to Guttu. At Panwali Kantha one can stay in a hut, or camp, while camping is the only option at Manguchatti. At Triyugi Narayan, which has a Shiva temple, there is a PWD inspection house, and dharamshalas, while Sonprayag has small basic hotels and the Birla dharamshalas: buses are available from here to Gaurikund, which has hot springs and a Parvati temple. For accommodation there is a tourist bungalow and a PWD inspection house. Kedarnath is one of the important ''dhams' with a temple devoted to Lord Shiva: stay here in guest houses, dharamshalas, and a tourist bungalow.

Optional route:
From Kedarnath, one can extend the trek to Basukital, a steep climb of 8 km , with no facilities enroute. It is best to take a guide from Kedarnath, and to return the same day.

Route four
Uttarkashi (1,158 m) - Malla (6,000 ft) - Silla village ( 6,000 ft, 4 km) - Ghuttu (10,000 ft, 10 km)- Kailanpur (10,000 ft, 4km)- Bawani Bugyal (10,500 ft, 5 km)- Kyarki Bugyal (13,500 ft, 6 km)- Lamatal (13,500 ft, 5 km) Sahasratal (15,000ft, 5 km). On this interesting trek, one can stay in the school building at Silla village. There are shepherd's huts at Ghuttu, Kailanpur and Bawani Bugyal, and caves at Kyarki Bugyal, Lamatal and Sahasratal. Carrying your own alpine tents is recommended.

Optional route:
From Kyarki Bugyal one can either branch off, or return and proceed on a new leg : Kyarki Bugyal - Palang (7,500 ft, 10 km) - Jaurab village (6,500 ft, 5 km)- Silla village (6,000 ft, 4 km)- Malla (6,000 ft, 4 km).

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