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Mussorie Trek

Often called the 'queen of hill stations', Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination from Delhi , and is therefore also a favorite base for trekkers. Accommodation here includes several privately run hotels, and a tourist bungalow. Trekking routes remain open from April to October, though the best period is considered to extend from April to June, and from mid-September to November.


Route one
Mussoorie (2,001 m)- Dhanaulti (2,600 m, 26 km) - (Bheetsi, 6 km )- Sahastradhara (14 km) - Dehra Dun (14 km). Dhanaulti, in a beautiful forest has a tourist bungalow and a forest rest house. Bheetsi is a small village. Sahastradhara has a tourist rest house and a PWD inspection house, as well as sulphur springs and a beautiful waterfall. At Dehra Dun, at the conclusion of the trek, stay in any of a choice of private hotels, or at the tourist bungalow.

Route two
Mussoorie (2,001 m)- Dhanaulti (2,600m, 26 km)- Gopichand ka Mahal (12 km)- Anand Chow(10 km) - Ringal Garh (13 km) - Rangar Gaon (15 km) - Guttu(6 km)- Maldevata (18 km). In the beautiful forested settlement of Dhanaulti, trekkers can stay at a tourist bungalow or forest rest house. Use your own tented accommodation at Gopichand Ka Mahal and at the village bazar of Anand Chowk. There is a forest rest house at Rangar Gaon. There are sulphur springs at Guttu, and a camping site. From Maldevata village, buses are available for the 12 km journey to Dehra Dun . Optional route: From Ringal Garh to Hatwal Gaon (6 km, camping site) - Guttu (10 km ) and from here on the regular route to Dehra Dun via Maldevata.

Route three
Mussoorie (2,001 m)- Purola (1,524 m, 100 km) -Naitwar (1,401 m, 48 km) - Saur(1,400 m, 12 km) - Taluka (1,900m, 12 m)- Osla (1,400 m, 12km)- Harkidun (3,506m, 14 km). Situated in the interiors of the district of Uttarkashi, Har-ki-dun is one of the most picturesque spots in the Garhwal hills and is frequently visited by trekkers. Buses ply up to Saur-Sankri, from where the trek starts. The beautiful valley of Purola has hotels, tourist bungalow and a PWD inspection house. Naitwar is located at the confluence of two rivers and has a forest rest house. There is a tourist bungalow at the trekking base point, Saur. From here on, till the end of the route at Har-ki-dun, there are tourist bungalows under construction, and forest rest houses for accommodation. The forest rest houses are under control of the Divisional forest Officer, Tons Division, Purola, District Uttarkashi.

Route four
Mussoorie (2,001 m ) - Thatyur (1,200 m, 21 km)- Devalsari (1,800 m, 8 km)- Nagtibba (3,048 m, 14 km)- Pantwari (1,250 m,10 km). Thatyur is a village, bus terminus and trekkers can stay in a school building here at the start of their trek. Devalsari has a forest rest house under the control of the Divisional forest Officer. Nagtibba is a very picturesque place, overlooking the surrounding hills and Mussoorie, with a camping site. At Pantwari once again trekkers will have to accommodate themselves in the school building. From here, trekkers can bus back the 56 km to Mussoorie.

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