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We have 7 holiday(s) in Bhutan

Hidden Kingdom Trek

13 Days Contact Us for Price

This is a long distance trek in Bhutan along the remote northern border with Tibet . Although the trek is long, rest days occur regularly and allow plenty of time to interact with the local

Ningpo Trek

10 Days Contact Us for Price

This trek follows a long forgotten trail but filled with interesting and scenic parts. A walk from Paro intensifies your anticipation for a beautiful journey and the trail amazingly fulfills it. It is a an

Lunana Trek

24 Days Contact Us for Price

Although a complete Lunana trek is a very long one it is both exotic and enthralling. During this Trek while you see the fascinating Chomolhari 23,999ft/7,314m the route also takes you through fabulous mountains and

Kingdom of Dargon Tour

13 Days Contact Us for Price

We combine an exceptional trek with time to explore the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan. In the company of our expert local guides we follow trails that lead high above the Paro and Thimphu valleys

Thimpu Festival Tour

7 Days Contact Us for Price

The Tsechu / festival are a religious festival in honor of Guru Rinpoche, who brought the Buddhism to this country in 8th century. The Bhutanese dressed in their finest clothes, come from all over for


The enthralling romance of Nepal comes from its very remote geographical locations. Pertly


India’s vibrant contemporary wave-lengths with a mix of ancient cultural heritage create a


Tibet is one of the world’s more extraordinary destinations, for there is adventure


It is much said that Bhutan is comparable to Switzerland in both size